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Testimonials and success stories from our most recent transactions.

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The Stansberry Firm can provide contact information for references specific to The Stansberry Firm’s transaction experience. Below are some recent success stories.

We-Rent-It acquired by H&E Equipment Services

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented We Rent It, a six-location construction equipment rental company based in Bryan, Texas.  The Company is listed number 85 on the RER Top 100 List.  H&E is listed as number 10 on the RER Top 100 and will incorporate the additional 6 locations to its existing 89 locations.

The Stansberry Firm brought their many years of experience and vast base of contacts to the table for the acquisition of We Rent It.  From the initial meeting to closing day, the professionalism and expertise presented by Gary Stansberry were second to none.  He listens to the needs of his clients and does his best to obtain the best possible deal, all while guiding owners through the ins and outs of the many aspects of a complex business transaction.  I highly recommend Gary and his team.  –Green Smith, Co-owner of We Rent It

NE Multi-location Equipment Rental Company acquired by Major Equipment Dealership

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented a multi-location equipment rental company in the Northeastern US in its sale to a major equipment dealership; both the acquirer and seller have chosen not to release their identities at this time.  “We had a number of interested parties in this business including strategic and financial buyers, as well as another equipment dealership group,” said Gary Stansberry, president of The Stansberry Firm.

As President and part owner of a rental company in the northeast, our ownership and management team decided that 2018 was the right time to sell the business.  We knew we had to stay focused on running our day to day operations and would need help in putting the transaction together.  We had met with and known Gary Stansberry of The Stansberry Firm for a number of years and decided that his that his knowledge of the equipment rental industry would be best suited for us.  This was the best decision we ever made!

Based on the information we provided to him, he was able to outline his opinion of a sale price and proceeded to work with various buyers.  He worked through the initial interested parties and got right to a letter of intent quickly.  His guidance of the timing and sales price was almost exactly as he had predicted.  Gary assisted us in the due diligence process and with our attorney in negotiating the purchase agreement.  The care and assistance we received was invaluable and ultimately led to a closing that would have not been possible without his help.  He will be forever considered a friend and someone I would highly recommend to anyone attempting to sell a rental business.– Co-Owner of NE Multi-location Equipment Rental Co.

Liberty Party Rental acquired by CE Rental

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented Liberty Party Rental in its acquisition by CE Rental.  Liberty is a full service special event rental company based in Nashville, TN and founded by Bruce and Julie Hurst.  The Company rents an extensive inventory of high end inventory of tents, tables, chairs, linens, place settings and other special event rental equipment and has become the leading event rental company in its trade area.

We can’t put it into words the gratitude we have towards The Stansberry Firm for handling our business deal.  Gary has decades of experience in executing rental transactions, and it showed during our acquisition. Over ten years ago, we worked with Gary as a consultant to assist with the growth strategy for Liberty Party Rental. We took to heart the recommendations and began implementing. Starting in 2017, we began the process to market the company.  Throughout the process, Gary was indispensable with his extensive rental acquisition knowledge as he guided us through this life changing journey. He knew when to push and when to hold. Finally coming to fruition on April 4, 2018, the deal was executed. The Stansberry Firm was key to the growth and sale of Liberty Party Rental. We highly recommend Gary and his team! – Bruce and Julie Hurst, Owners of Liberty Party Rental

EventWorks acquired by PeachTree Tents & Events

EventWorks was proudly represented by The Stansberry Firm in its acquisition by PeachTree Tents & Events. EventWorks is a full service special event rental company based in Charleston, SC, founded in 2010 by Mr. Mike Schmidt and Mr. Jeff Shavelson. The Company also operates locations in Myrtle Beach, SC and Savannah, GA. With extensive high end inventory of tents, tables, chairs, linens, place settings and other special event rental equipment, EventWorks has become a premier provider for the south-eastern US coast.

Co-owner Mike Schmidt said of his experience with The Stansberry Firm:

I would strongly urge anyone looking at selling their business to contact the Stansberry firm. As someone who was somewhat unconvinced early that we needed their help, I am so thankful we did partner with them. There is so much involved in selling your business, that I am certain we would not have had such a successful sale without them. Gary’s experience and knowledge of the industry gave us a trusted advisor creating a transaction much greater and safely structured then we could have done our own, I would highly recommend their services. – Mike Schmidt, Co-Owner of EventWorks

MSP Equipment Rentals acquired by Sunbelt Rentals

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented MSP Equipment Rentals in its acquisition by Sunbelt.  MSP was founded in 1995 by Mr. Mike Cassidy  to service the significant construction and industrial markets of Delaware, southern New Jersey and northern Maryland.  The company primarily rents reach forklifts, boom lifts and scissor lifts from its New Castle, DE hub and Laurel, DE satellite location.

The MSP operations team will remain with Sunbelt as Mr. Cassidy will focus on other business interests.  Mr. Cassidy said of his experience working with The Stansberry Firm:

The Stansberry Firm immediately got my attention at our initial meeting and tour of my facilities. It was apparent that they had an industry focus that was lacking in other M&A firms that I had previously met with. The Stansberry Firm’s blend of industry, operational, financial and equipment expertise greatly streamlined the process and resulted in multiple bona fide offers. – Mike Cassidy, Owner of MSP Equipment Rentals

Tents Unlimited, Event Flooring Solutions and Event Rentals Unlimited acquired by Peachtree Tents and Events

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented Tents Unlimited, Event Flooring Solutions and Event Rentals Unlimited (Unlimited Companies) in their acquisition by Peachtree Tents and Events.  The Unlimited Companies are based in Atlanta, Georgia with an additional location in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Unlimited Companies were founded and operated by industry veterans Dan Nolan, Sam Wodetzki and Arnie Seyden and are dedicated to servicing high end and large production special events.  Combined, the Companies quickly became one of the nation’s largest and most capable providers (Ranked #18 on the Special Events “30 Top Rental Companies”) of large, high end tenting, specialty flooring and other high end special event rental equipment such as tables, chairs, place settings, linens, catering equipment and other related products.  Co-owner Dan Nolan said of his experience with The Stansberry Firm:

I want to thank The Stansberry Firm for their efforts in making our transaction a reality.  I strongly believe that, without their involvement, we would have never accomplished selling the business for our target goal.  Gary has an ability to sort through pages of documents, pages of numbers and identify the pertinent issues that made the most difference to us.  My recommendation to any business owner is to not do this alone, their fee is more than worth the money.  If you use The Stansberry Firm, you’ve used the best professionals in the business! – Dan Nolan, Co-Owner of the Unlimited Companies

All Seasons Event Rentals acquired by M&M Event Rentals

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented All Seasons Event Rentals of Kansas City, Kansas in its recent acquisition by M&M Event Rentals.  All Seasons specializes in providing high end structure tents and components, bleachers, scaffolding, staging, tables, chairs, linens, table top items, catering equipment, lighting and décor, and other special event-related equipment.

All Seasons was founded in 1981 by brothers Mario and Steve Brancato and quickly grew to be one of the nation’s largest special event rental companies.  Though All Seasons does not publicly disclose its revenue numbers, the company would have easily ranked in the special events magazine top 30 largest special event rental companies.  Mario Brancato said of his experience with The Stansberry Firm:

We would like to thank Gary and Carolyn Stansberry for helping us navigate the sale of our event rental company.  Their expertise and industry knowledge as well as guidance during the due diligence process was instrumental in helping us achieve a successful conclusion to the transaction. They were available to consult with us whenever we needed their assistance. They presented a buyer that we felt aligned with the values and visions that we instilled in All Seasons at the outset. We feel confident that the new owners will continue to grow the great company that we founded. This transaction would not have been possible without the expertise and balance of the Stansberry team. I would highly recommend the Stansberry Firm. – Mario Brancato, Co-Owner of All Seasons Event Rental

Dover Rent All Tents and Events acquired by General Rental and Sales

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented Dover Rent All Tents and Events (Dover) of Dover, Delaware in its recent acquisition by General Rental and Sales of Avondale, PA.  Dover specializes in providing high end tents, tables, chairs, place settings and other special event related items to the Delmarva Peninsula.  Originally founded in 1996 by Chan and Cal Clapp as a general rental company, Dover has been operated by Chip Clapp, son of Chan and Cal, for over three decades and has established itself as Delmarva’s premier special event rental company.

Gary Stansberry worked with Dover in 2007 to aid Mr. Clapp and his brother in separating the company into Dover Rent All Tents and Events and a separate construction equipment rental operation.  When Mr. Clapp decided to retire in 2016, he again contacted The Stansberry Firm to represent the Company in the transaction.  Mr Clapp said of his experience with The Stansberry Firm:

I have had the pleasure of working with The Stansberry Firm on two occasions. In 2007, my brother and I decided to separate the party business from the construction side. Gary Stansberry was very professional and thorough in his analysis of the two sectors of the business. The detailed summary for both of us to use for future growth potential was quite valuable.

When I decided to retire, The Stansberry Firm was my first call. Carolyn Stansberry was wonderful to work with! She provided valuable information, careful analysis, deep knowledge of the sale process and at times, acted as a counselor with a comforting view of a stressful and emotional transition. I highly recommend The Stansberry Firm! – Chip Clapp, Owner of Dover Rent All Tents and Events

Party Time Rentals acquired by Premier Events

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented Party Time Rentals in its recent acquisition by Premier Events.  Party Time was founded in 1976 by Patricia Scarmardo and is the only special events rental provider in College Station, Texas, home to Texas A&M University.  Mrs. Scarmardo, who sadly passed away in the spring of 2016, was very active in and loved by the College Station community and was passionate about servicing the community through Party Time and many other community service endeavors.  Though she is greatly missed by all, her husband, Bill Scarmardo, is confident that Premier Events of Austin, Texas will gracefully carry on and grow Mrs. Scarmardo’s legacy.

The Stansberry Firm worked closely with Mr. Scarmardo during the process, before and after Mrs. Scarmardo’s passing.  Mr. Scarmardo said of his experience with Gary and Carolyn:

I want to thank Gary and Carolyn Stansberry for their patience and professionalism in selling the Party Time Rentals business.  Their knowledge and guidance during the process helped reduce our stress during this difficult time for our family.  Gary had worked with my late wife Patricia over the years; he knew the business and knew Patricia’s passion for Party Time.  In the sale process, The Stansberry Firm brought us several offers and ultimately, we found a buyer that achieved not only our financial goals for the sale, but also found a buyer to continue Patricia’s vision and provide the best fit four our employees and customers.  – Bill Scarmardo, Husband of late owner, Patricia Scarmardo, Party Time Rentals

Celebration Event Rental acquired by M&M Event Rentals

Celebration Event Rental of Grand Prairie, Texas (a Dallas suburb) was proudly represented by The Stansberry Firm in its acquisition by M&M Event Rentals.  Celebration was founded in 2008 by Wilbarger Street, a family owned group of rental industry veterans Chad Alvarez, Don O’Neal, Mike O’Neal and their family members.  Celebration quickly became a prominent player in the major Dallas market, specializing in providing a wide range of high quality special event rental equipment including tents, tables, chairs, place settings, linens, catering equipment and other special event related inventory within the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  M&M Event Rentals, which was recently recapitalized by Dubin Clark & Co., operates locations in both Texas and Illinois.

Mr. Chad Alvarez, who served as Celebration’s General Manager during the first several years of Celebration’s operations, will continue with Wilbarger Street.  Mr. Alvarez said of his experience with The Stansberry Firm:

The Celebration Event Rental ownership group would like to express our appreciation for the professionalism and diligence that Gary Stansberry and Carolyn Stansberry of The Stansberry Firm exemplified during the negotiation, due diligence and transaction process of the recent sale of Celebration to Dubin Clark.  The Stansberry Firm brought a level of knowledge and expertise to the transaction that exceed expectations.  Communication and organization throughout the entire process were exceptional and paramount in ensuring that all aspects of the sale remained on course.  – Chad Alvarez, VP of Wilbarger Street, Ownership group of Celebration Event Rental

Portable Rental Solutions and One Source Cooling acquired by Sunbelt Rentals

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented Portable Rental Solutions, Inc (PRS) and One Source Cooling, LLC (OSC) in their recent acquisition by Sunbelt Rentals.  PRS and OSC was founded by industry veteran Austin McCourt in 2002 and operates locations in Dallas, Waco, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.  PRS is a specialty rental company providing portable cooling, heating, dehumidifiers and filtration systems while OSC is an exclusive distributor of Airrex, a leading manufacturing of spot coolers, heat pumps and filtration systems.

Mr. Austin McCourt remains with the companies in a transition role post-transaction while his brothers and PRS managers, Mr. Brian McCourt and Mr. Shane McCourt will remain with the Company in a similar roles.

We originally retained The Stansberry Firm three years ago to streamline and perfect my business with a long-term goal of attracting a buyer. We implemented their suggestions and earlier this year, when I was approached by two potential buyers, I asked them to step in to guide me through the process; they also identified several other potential buyers and guided me through the steps necessary that lead to the sale of my business.  I am pleased we found a buyer who will allow my management team to grow and prosper as well as offer my customers a broader range of products while retaining a high level of customer service.

Gary and Carolyn are both straight forward, honest, and true professionals.  I would highly recommend the Stansberry Firm if you are considering selling your business or just want a true evaluation of what changes need to made in your business. –Austin McCourt, Owner of PRS and OSC

Florida Contractor Rentals acquired by Synergy Equipment

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented Florida Contractor Rentals (FCR) in its recent acquisition by Synergy Equipment.  FCR was founded by industry veteran Cliff Scheffield in 2002 and operates locations in Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Palatka Florida.  At the time of the acquisition, FCR was also in the process of opening a fourth location in Jacksonville, Florida.  Since its founding, FCR has become a the largest independent equipment rental company serving the northern Florida region.

Synergy Equipment was founded in 2012, operating locations in Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Fort Myers, Florida.  Both FCR and Synergy rent a wide range of construction equipment including light and heavy earthmoving, aerial and general construction equipment.

Mr. Cliff Sheffield has retired post-transaction while his brother and FCR operations manager, Mr. John Sheffield will remain with the Company in a similar role.  Mr. Cliff Sheffield said of his experience working with The Stansberry Firm:

 “I am very pleased with The Stansberry Firm’s efforts in our recent sale of Florida Contractor Rentals.  From day one, it was obvious they knew what they were doing as they outlined the process and went right to work.  Gary and Carolyn brought multiple buyers to the table, gave us sound advice and stayed with us all the way through closing of the transaction, leaving no doubt they kept my best interests at the forefront throughout the process.  I appreciate that we had choices as to who the buyer would be and I was able to move forward with the group that made the most sense for our employees and customers.” –Cliff Sheffield, Owner of Florida Contractor Rentals

Event Central acquired by General Rental and Sales

Central PA Rentals Inc., dba Event Central was proudly represented by The Stansberry Firm in its recent sale to General Rental and Sales of Avondale Pennsylvania. Event Central, based in Mechanicsburg, PA, was founded in 1987 by Mr. Scott Woodruff and has evolved into a well-established, single location party and event rental company servicing Harrisburg and surrounding central Pennsylvania trade area. Event Central specializes in a providing wide range of tent structures for rent and other supplemental party and event rental items such as tables, chairs, linens, place settings, food service items, concessions and more.

Mr. Woodruff will remain available to Event Central on a consulting basis while he shifts his focus to his ongoing entrepreneurial business venture, TentOX.  Mr. Woodruff says of his experience with The Stansberry Firm:

 “Words cannot describe how impressed I am with Gary and Carolyn’s grasp on this industry; the sale process; the methods to valuation; and above all how to facilitate effective conversation with potential buyers. Had I tried to sell this business myself, I am certain I would have netted much less, let alone the fact it would not be sold yet.” –Scott Woodruff, Owner of Event Central

General Rental has been owned and operated by Mr. Eric Schuibbeo for 34 years.   

Midway Rental acquired by Fitzgerald-led holding company REIC

Midway Rental and Power Equipment of Kalispell, Montana was proudly represented by The Stansberry Firm in its sale to Rental Equipment Investment Corp. (REIC), a holding company led by former Neff CEO Kevin Fitzgerald.  Midway is an industrial based construction equipment rental company servicing the north-western region of Montana through four operating locations in Kalispell, Whitefish, Great Falls and Shelby, MT.  The Company rents aerial equipment, reach forklifts, small-to-mid size dirt equipment, air compressors, generators and other complimentary equipment.

Midway was founded in 1978 in Kalispell, MT and was acquired in 1994 by brothers Mr. Kent Reimer, Mr. Kurt Reimer and family friend Mr. Bill Phillips; the Reimer brothers retained joint ownership of the Company until the recent acquisition by REIC, while Mr. Phillips served as the Company’s CFO.  All three gentlemen will remain with the Company post-acquisition for a transitional period.

REIC is a newly formed holding company led by Mr. Kevin Fitzgerald; in addition to Mr. Fitzgerald, REIC investors include Wessex Capital Partners LLC, a private investment group and other private investors.

“The Stansberry Firm led the charge with the sale of our company, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Their expertise, forward thinking and pursuit of our best interest won our trust immediately, and in the end, executed a sale that met our highest expectations. We can confidently, and without reservation, recommend The Stansberry Firm to be trusted with your most important business transactions.” 
– Kent Reimer, Co-Owner of Midway Rental

Sunbelt acquires Hebbronville Lone Star Rentals

The Stansberry Firm proudly represented Hebbronville Lone Star Rentals (HLSR) in its recent acquisition by Sunbelt Rentals.  HLSR is multi-location oilfield specialty rental company servicing the Permian Basin of West Texas and N.M. and the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas, the two largest and most active oilfield plays in the U.S.  The Company rents aerial lifts, forklifts, generators, air compressors, portable toilets, trash trailers and bins and light plants through its eight operating locations in Midland, Beeville, Carrizo Springs, Charlotte, Laredo, San Angelo and Gonzales, Texas, and Carlsbad, N.M.  The acquisition of HLSR is a strategic add-on to Sunbelt’s quickly growing Oil and Gas Services Division, which opened in 2012 through its leading acquisition of JMR Industries (also represented by The Stansberry Firm).

“I was very impressed with The Stansberry Firm’s expertise, knowledge and contacts.  They know the rental industry and they know the oilfield.  They quickly brought several serious and qualified buyers to the table.  Gary and Carolyn are true professionals and I hope to work with them again in the future.”  — Sam Lovett, Owner of Hebbronville Lone Star Rentals (HLSR)

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CSS acquired by Ebherhart Capital, LLC

 Contractor Sales & Service, Inc. (CSS) was represented by The Stansberry Firm in its recent acquisition by Eberhart Capital, LLC.  CSS is a single location construction equipment rental company servicing the growing market of Des Moines, Iowa through specialized industrial construction equipment such as forklifts, boom lifts and scissor lifts.  The Company was acquired by Eberhart, a leading, Denver based private equity firm who’s specialty lies in long-term investments specifically in the construction, manufacturing, oilfield services and freight industries.  CSS was founded in 2006 by Roger Vorhies and Gus Schaus as the rental division of Shaus-Vorhies Companies.  Mr. Vorhies will remain with the Company for a transitional period post-acquisition.

“A big thanks to Carolyn for finding this group and to Gary for orchestrating the activities during the process. The Stansberry Firm earned my trust and kept it to the extent that I feel like we are friends when it’s all done. My lack of experience in this type of transaction was shored up by their depth of knowledge of and reputation within the industry. The complexities of this process were routine to Gary and Carolyn, who allowed the transaction to be completed with both buyers and sellers complimenting their professionalism and expertise.  I would recommend The Stansberry Firm as my first choice if I were to engage in this type of business deal in the future.”  –Roger Vorhies, Co-Owner of Contractor Sales & Service, Inc. (Des Moines, IA)

We Rent It acquires Longhorn Equipment Co.

 Longhorn Equipment Co. was represented by The Stansberry Firm in its acquisition by Cobra Equipment Rentals, LLC dba We Rent It, an independent construction and oilfield equipment rental company serving central and south Texas.  Longhorn Equipment is a two location construction equipment rental company serving the Austin and San Antonio, Texas markets.  Longhorn was founded in 2002 by Mr. Steve Chamness and has grown to become one of the top rental companies servicing the fast growing central and south Texas markets through locations in  Buda (Austin area) and Schertz (San Antonio area), Texas.  Mr. Chamness will remain with the company to ensure a smooth transition to We Rent It ownership.

“Gary and Carolyn with the Stansberry Firm provided a straight forward, professional approach from the very beginning of the process and through closing.   With their knowledge of the rental industry, they were able to bring several buyers into the equation early in the process.  With the Stansberry Firm’s assistance we were able to have a smooth closing and transition with the new owners.”  –Steve Chamness, Owner of Longhorn Equipment Co. (Austin, TX)

Sunbelt acquires JMR Industries

JMR Industries of Odessa, Texas, was recently acquired by Sunbelt Rentals;  The Stansberry Firm proudly represented JMR in the transaction.  Specifically servicing the oil and gas industries within the Permian Basin, JMR is a closely held energy-related rental company founded in 2006 by Jimmy Shelton, Jimmy Roark and a silent third partner.  Sunbelt strategically acquired the Odessa, Texas based company to aid in the growth of their specialty Oil and Gas division.  Both Mr. Roark and Mr. Shelton will remain with Sunbelt as leads within the Sunbelt Oil and Gas division.

“My partner and I were very pleased with The Stansberry Firm and their process for identifying a buyer that was strategically aligned with our go-forward vision. Stansberry was vital in explaining the process and navigating us through the negotiations. The Firm brought qualified decision makers to the table immediately and didn’t act as business brokers, but as advisors.   Our dealings with Stansberry were as if he were our partner. If it wasn’t for The Stansberry Firm we would have never attempted the process.”  –Jimmy Roark, President/Owner of JMR Industries (Odessa, TX)

Volvo acquires Action Equipment Rental

The Stansberry Firm, lead by Gary Stansberry, represented Action Equipment Rentals in its recent sale to Volvo.  Action is a closely held construction equipment rental company based in Las Cruces, NM with two satellite stores in Alamogordo and Silver City.  Joseph Muench started Action after acquiring the stores from RentX in 2005.  Mr. Muench, an active member of the American Rental Association and former executive committee member, will stay active with Volvo in a consulting role as well as dedicating more time to his other businesses; ProCon and Concrete Polishing HQ.

“My sincerest gratitude to Gary Stansberry and The Stansberry Firm for guiding myself and my company through a very successful business sale. Gary’s strong rapport with a number of acquirers proved to be a solid advantage, and I would highly recommend him to others. Gary is NOT just a “typical broker”… He sincerely cares about you and the deal, and worked very hard to make sure that I was comfortable and clearly understood the process. He proved to me that his acquisition experience is unmatched!”  –Joseph Muench, President/Owner of Action Equipment Rental (Las Cruces, NM)

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 Volvo acquires Richardson Equipment, Co.

Gary Stansberry of The Stansberry Firm represented Richardson Equipment, Co. (R-Quip) in its sale to Volvo .  R-Quip is based in Wichita, Kansas and operates a satellite store in Pittsburg, Kansas.  The company was founded by Bob Richardson, an industry veteran, in 2002 and quickly became an important rental point serving the Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas areas.

“Using Gary Stansberry and his firm in this transaction was the best thing I could have done.  My accountants and legal firm were very impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail, negotiation skills and professionalism.   I have worked with Gary Stansberry on two separate occasions over the last 15 years and I am 100% satisfied with the results he achieved.”  –Bob Richardson, Owner R-Quip (Wichita, Kansas)

Volvo acquires SCS Equipment Inc.

Gary Stansberry of The Stansberry Firm represented SCS Equipment in its sale to Volvo.  SCS is an individually owned construction equipment rental business founded in 1986.  SCS is based in Dallas, Texas and has a branch location in Wichita Falls, Texas.  SCS’s owner, Mike Price, was seeking an exit strategy as he neared retirement.

“I want to thank Gary Stansberry of The Stansberry Firm for handling my transaction. His professionalism and knowledge is second to none. He handled all the details of my transactions and there was not a single issue. I was impressed with how he outlined the process when he first talked to me, told me what to expect in terms of pricing and terms and in the end delivered exactly what he outlined to me from the start. I can’t imagine trying to handle this process on your own and I highly recommend Gary’s services.”  –Mike Price, Owner SCS Equipment (Dallas and Wichita Falls, TX)

 Volvo acquires Tuff Equipment Rentals

Gary Stansberry served as lead advisor to Tuff Equipment Rentals, a family owned three store construction equipment rental business based in Slidell, Louisiana in their sale to Volvo. Gary worked with the Kastner family over several years as they grew through business through both acquisition and cold-start to their ultimate goal of selling the business.

“I want to thank Gary Stansberry for all his hard work on our transaction. Gary was front-line with the buyers all throughout the process. He brought multiple buyers to the table, showed them the business, negotiated the offers and brought the deal home. I appreciate all the help that he gave our family through the process, including working with our attorney and accountant. He had our best interests at heart throughout the deal and delivered a deal in excess of what he outlined when we first discussed selling the business. Gary is a true professional from start to finish and I would highly recommend Gary’s services to anyone considering selling their business.” –Ralph Kastner, Sr., Majority owner, Tuff Equipment Rentals

United Rentals acquires U-Rent-It

Gary Stansberry served as lead advisor to Portland U-Rent-It, Inc., a three location construction and industrial rental business based in Corpus Christi, Texas. After obtaining a valuation from another broker, the principals of U-Rent-It contacted Gary about evaluating their business for sale. Mr. Stansberry advised the owners to relocate their main facility to a larger and more desirable location. After relocation, the partners of U-Rent-It attracted attention from several national acquirers and achieved a purchase price far in excess of the valuation from the other broker.

“Gary Stansberry worked hard to get me and my partners the best deal possible. He never gave up and negotiated a deal that was far beyond our initial expectations. The deal was on a short time frame and United Rentals, as a publicly traded company, had extensive due diligence requirements. Gary guided us through the process and got the deal closed, even in a tough economic environment. I appreciate Gary and highly recommend his services.” –J-Ray Simpson, Partner, Portland U-Rent-It, Inc.

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Construction Equipment Rental Transactions:

Mr. Stansberry has worked with the following RER Top 100 companies as either buyer or seller’s representative: United Rentals, RSC Equipment Rentals, Cresco Equipment Rentals, HSS RentX, Neff Equipment Rentals, Volvo Rents, Northridge Equipment Rentals, All Star Rents and Sunbelt Rentals/NationsRent.

Special Event Rentals

Mr. Stansberry has been involved with the sale of numerous Special Event Top 30 rental companies over the years including Kirby Rental Service, Ducky Bob’s, Tri-Serve Party Rentals, Capital Party Rentals, Abbey Party Rents (Dallas), Abbey Event Services (Los Angeles), The Stuart Rental Company and HSS RentX Special Event Rental Division.