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Our operational consulting services are designed for companies that are looking for a fresh perspective and analysis of their business in order to maximize cash flow from operations. These services may be applicable to companies that are looking to optimize their operating results with a future sale in mind or a company that is just looking to improve their financial performance.

We look at your operation in its entirety. Based on our analysis, we will focus on the areas that have the most potential to improve your operations and cash flow.

Our Operational Consulting includes:

  • Financial performance: Providing an extensive analysis of revenue and revenue trends, gross margin by revenue type, cash flow, major expense categories, balance sheet analysis including asset utilization, debt levels and current ratios
  • Overall employee evaluation: Conduct an in-depth analysis of employee compensation, bonus/incentive/commission plans and staffing levels
  • Sales and marketing programs: Perform an overview of current practices and benchmarking against proven practices within the industry
  • Facility/infrastructure analysis: Conduct an on-site visit to asses facility, yard and infrastructure in place to ensure optimum organizational practices.
  • Sales and Customer Profiling: Review and analyze customer composition, diversification, concentration and pricing levels.
  • Recommendations for streamlined management information reports: Helping owners to stay on top of key performance metrics on a regular basis.

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Our Fees

Our standard fee for an initial consulting report is $7,500. The standard fee may be somewhat higher on more complex engagements including those that involve multiple entities or multiple locations. Follow up and continuing operational consulting is priced on a case-by-case basis depending on the services to be rendered.