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The Stansberry Firm has a proven track-record of over 100 transactions with total enterprise value of over $1B. We have an extensive network of qualified buyers consisting of national and local strategic acquires, private equity and high-net worth individual investors.

We work with business owners to develop the right strategy to sell their companies or identify financial investors to fuel business growth. For some business owners, finding a buyer for a 100% buyout is the right course. For others, finding the right investment partner to take a minority or majority stake in the business may lead to incremental growth that will lead to a higher valuation in the future. Regardless of the situation, The Stansberry Firm will work with current stakeholders to ensure a profitable and successful divestiture.


Experience is meaningless without honesty, integrity and fairness. The Stansberry Firm wants to get to know you, as the business owner, and learn about your business. Likewise, it is important for you to get to know us, our qualifications and our experience.

  • Preliminary Analysis: First, we will perform a confidential, in-depth analysis of your company, at no cost or obligation to you, with the goal of determining the honest value and marketability of your company in today’s market. Additionally, we will discuss our opinion of possible transaction terms and any obstacles the company may face.
  • To Sell or Not to Sell: If we feel a business sale is not the best option for you, we will be frank and explain why it may not make sense for you to consider acquisition at this time and, suggest what other strategies could help properly position the company for sale in the future.
  • Check our References: Just like any relationship, personal or professional, it is essential for both parties to be comfortable with each other. In order for you to perform due diligence on our qualifications, we will also provide you with a list of references upon request.

Selling your business

As your business sale representative, The Stansberry Firm provides you with a turn-key service in concert with your accountants and attorneys:

  • Comprehensive Information Memorandum: We gather all the data needed for an acquirer to evaluate your business and present your business in the best light to potential acquirers.
  • Market to Qualified Buyers: On a highly confidential basis, we target specific acquirers we know and we may run targeted ads to reach out to new investors in the market. We will not expose your sensitive business data to any acquirer that is not qualified or who has not signed a confidentiality agreement.
  • Negotiating for your best interest: We will work with the buyers that exhibit the most interest to get an offer for your business. We will work to maximize that offer so that you,¬†our seller, will realize the best price and terms.
  • Coordinate Due Diligence through closing day: Once an offer is accepted, we remain actively involved in coordinating the due diligence process and negotiating the terms of definitive agreements including purchase agreements, real estate leases, employment agreements and non-compete agreements. Our efforts on your behalf continue until the sale is finalized and the money is in the bank.

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Our Fees

Our standard retainer fee to start the process is $5,000. The standard fee may be somewhat higher (usually not more than $10,000) on more complex transactions including those that involve multiple entities or multiple locations. If your business does not sell, you will not incur any other costs or fees. If we sell your business, we will apply your retainer fee against our commission or success fee. In general, our success fee is 8% of the first $1 million, 6% of the second million, 4% of the third million and 2% thereafter. We can also work on a fixed percentage once we have a feel for the transaction size.