Business Sale Representation

The Stansberry Firm maximizes the value of your business while you continue to manage the ongoing operations of your company.

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Most closely-held business owners became successful by doing what they do best, running their business; they are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their company and their expertise lies in dealing with customers, employees, inventory and the challenges that come with running a business.

The Stansberry Firm is successful because realizing the maximum value for your years of hard work, is what we do best. Having experience from both the buyer’s and seller’s side, The Stansberry Firm team has completed over 100 business sale transactions ranging from under $1 million to over $100 million in value.

We can manage the entire acquisition process for you, so that you can continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business, which must be maintained during the sale process.

Sell Side Representation

Whether exploring a sale in the near term or implementing a strategic plan over a longer term horizon of one to five years, business sale can present great opportunities for business owners to grow or retire from their company. The Stansberry Firm helps develop the best course of action to identify to the best type of acquirer and maximize ultimate sale price in order to guarantee the promised future for both the business owner and ongoing operations of the selling company.

Buy Side Representation

In a growing economy, expanding your business may be the best option to increase market share and revenues. Growth through acquisition presents opportunity to achieve higher profitability through existing customers, revenues and established brand equity. The Stansberry Firm helps business owners narrow down and approach acquisition targets and navigate the due diligence process to ensure the best possible outcome for the future of the company.

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Why consider professional representation

The business sale process can be extremely complex, and sometimes the smallest of details can mean a substantial difference in the net proceeds to you as the seller: It’s not just the price, but the terms of the transaction that can make this difference. The Stansberry Firm has the experience and applied knowledge to ensure your business sale is managed and negotiated correctly. Read the 6 points to consider when deciding if professional representation or self representation is best for your transaction.

Small Firm, Big Results

There are many large, corporate brokerage firms to choose from; they will have multi-member teams with seemingly impressive credentials and they will manage numerous acquisitions at a time, spanning several different industries. They may also charge large upfront retainer and/or valuation fees and may not have the industry knowledge, contacts, dedication or focus needed to successfully negotiate YOUR business sale.

The Stansberry Firm however is a specialized boutique firm with specific experience related to the rental and energy industries. We can’t field a softball team with our staff, but we do have “corporate” experience, a large qualified and diverse buyer network, and proven results and, we guarantee a very personalized turn-key service. Read more about how we succeed over a larger, general advisory group.