The Stansberry Firm maximizes the value of your business.

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Our services encompass real world, fair-market business valuations, business sales and operational consulting services designed to optimize cash flow.

For most of our clients, the equity in their business is their largest personal asset. We help closely held business owners develop a plan to get the most out of that asset.

Business Sale Representation

We help both selling and acquiring companies maximize the value of their companies by navigating the acquisition process and negotiating the best terms for both business owners and the on-going operations of their companies.

Sell-Side Representation:

Business sale may be the best option for some owners who seek a near-term or long term exit strategy; likewise, business sale could also be the best course of action to gain access to additional capital to facilitate future company growth.

Buy-Side Representation:

In some instances, acquisition of an existing company may be key to fueling company growth and expanding the company’s geographic footprint and market share.

Note: Although we negotiate fairly for both sides, we represent only either the buyer or the seller in an acquisition; we will not represent both parties in one transaction.

Fair Market Business Valuations

We recognize that each business, each market and each industry is unique and that there are no “one size fits all” formulas or strategies. To determine what is right for your business, we start with an overall business analysis.

Operational Consulting

Our operational consulting services can increase cash flow, increasing the business value regardless of whether a business sale is the ultimate goal.

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